Av jord

Underbar blå himmel väller över mig
och jag tänker på hur jag kunde landa här

Av jord är jag kommen och jord ska jag bli
En gäst och en främling som passerar förbi
Jag är stor som ett sandkorn, rik som ett land
Jag är leran som formas och färgas av brand

Ofattbar, är en dag, är väl jag

Ogreppbar grå himmel väller över mig
och jag tänker på hur jag kunde hamna här

Jag är en på miljonen, jag är droppen i sjön
Fri i min tanke, fast i min dröm
och jag vandrar på stigar som länge har nötts
Märkt utav såren av de minnen som fötts

Ofattbar, är en dag, är väl jag

Jag är barnet som faller, som har såriga ben
Lyktan som söker, att slå sig ner
Bortom smaken av tårar, på en plats att förbli
Mättas av solregn, där allting får liv

© 2017 Jonas Bergkvist

Känner mig gammal, men inte vis

Jag känner mig gammal, men inte vis
Jag har stannat när jag borde gått förbi
Jag vet att jag blunda’, jag kan se det nu
Jag ville ha det där som verkade va’ du
Försöker hitta ord på allt vi inte sa
De vi spelade men aldrig någonsin va’

Min värld var så liten och jag längta’ ut
Alla sa ”vänta lite”, alla utom du
Hur kunde jag tänka att det skulle gå?
Hur skulle livet ha sett ut om några år?
Jag borde aldrig ha öppnat din dörr
Nu kommer ingenting bli såsom förr

Jag kommer tillbaka till den jag är
Vill inte förlora mig på samma sätt igen
Jag ser mina vänner, synar alla sår
Till alla jag sårat, här är mitt förlåt

© 2018 Jonas Bergkvist

I Won’t Hide Away

I feel like I need a hero
I’m not strong
and for the moment
strength is gone
staring at me
starting to question
what I believe

(but) I won’t hide away from life
whenever a trouble travels my way
even I am scared but I am not
afraid of the dark
because I know that a beam of light
conquers the sight
through the darkest day
I will find my way

this is more than a battle
it’s like an endless war
and I’m taking more fire
than anytime before
thought I’m not alone here
that’s how it feels
but whatever happens
I will believe

I will rest in the presence
of my savior and king
it is all by his power
I will stand up and sing
in his kingdom of mercy
in the pastures of green
I will drink living water
I will taste the unseen

© 2017 Jonas och Johannes Bergkvist

Du kom till min räddning

Jag var ensam och vilsen utan dig
Jag var förlorad, jag gick min egen väg
Så jag förundras att du har funnit mig

Du har gjort allting nytt (Ååå)
Du har gjort allting nytt

Du kom till min räddning
Du reste mig upp
Du gav mig frihet
Du gav mig ro
Du tog mig från mörkret in i ditt ljus
Du är min räddning, Gud

© 2017 Jonas Bergkvist

Store Your Gold In The Sky

A king sits in his castle in the ancient Middle East
He might be the richest man on earth
He’s counting all his blessings,
a fortune kept in gold
He’s looking on his writer and he says:
”Please, write this down for me

I’ve built houses, planted vineyards,
I have servants at my feet
I have plentiful of anything I want
I have singers, I have women,
and I’ve been working hard
But it’s all vanity, it’s all vanity to me”

A king sits on a mountain,
he’s speaking to a crowd
He catches every ear with what he says
He talks about the treasures we all tend to seek
And how it all can vanish in our hands

Words that echoes through the time
They still resonates today
It’s about our heart’s desire
This is what he said

”Where your treasure is,
there your heart will be

So store your gold in the sky”

An ordinary woman is walking down the street
Everywhere there’s hungry souls to feed
She doesn’t have a fortune,
but she’s doing what she can
Giving kids a place where they can sleep

I guess she had read about the kings,
how they lived and what they said
She had made a choice to live her life
for the king of kings, he who said

© 2017 Jonas Bergkvist

Crashing Down

Why am I ending up right here
time and time again?
I know I’ve been standing here before
why now this time?
Why am I waiting for another fight
when I should go, I should leave

I’m loosing the ground beneath my feet,
my heart is beating fast
I promise, I know what I should do –
I shouldn’t be here
Why am I listening to my feelings now,
when I should go, I should flee

I’m crashing down
I wasn’t made to live this life alone
I cannot hold the pieces
I cannot hold on tight
They are slipping through my fingers
and are falling to the ground 
I gather all the pieces
and face the fact of what I see
I need a savior who will rescue me

Why is it hard to fight yourself,
even when you know what’s right?
Why do I constantly give in,
when I don’t have to?
Is somebody reaching out a hand
to rescue me, set me free

God, you know my life is broken
You can hear what is unspoken
I lay down my life to follow
Leaving for a place less hollow
’Cause all I see is fear and failure
what can I do but leave it all to you …

Please, take my hand …

© 2017 Jonas Bergkvist

Someone Else’s Dream

I saw a dancer on the street
Oh, how I wish that I could be just like him
To say a lot with a gracious leap
To keep the balance at the top of one’s feet

Another day I saw a girl on stage
Though it was acting I was carried away
And when the curtain was coming down
All I could think of was that I could do the same

Why am I running for someone else’s dream
When I always seem to end up in between
Though I might be a victim of my time
When will I learn to see what I must do
Guess I have to give it an hour or two
But I have to stop chasing after
What I think is the perfect life
I’m vasting time, I have to dream

I hear a doctor on the air
I wish that I could know as much as he does
He talks about how any body works
in a way that anyone can understand

It’s like I’m always failing
when I try to get were I want
I have a picture in mind
but when I arrive it’s not what I expected
It’s like I’m always thinking
that if I could be like someone else
I would be happy and pleased
without a care in the world to carry

© 2017 Jonas Bergkvist

Like a Song

There’s a feeling, that I’ve got inside
and it’s something that I can not hide
There is nothing, there is no one
who can touch my heart like you
And there’s a passion that is growing strong
And I don’t know how to keep it inside
I’ve got to let it show

You’re like a song that is growing louder
I can’t hold it back
It’s filling all of my empty spaces
And I won’t look back
All I can do is let it out
For I know there’s something new in the making
And you’re the reason that I sing

My life is changing, all because of you
and it started with a moment of grace
Like a river, from a mountain
it brought life along its way
Now you have opened my eyes to see
And I don’t know how to keep it inside
I’ve got to let it show

I have been lonely on a foreign road
But I can see now I was never alone
You have been there along the way
Giving hope for another day
from the start

© 2015 Jonas Bergkvist


It was one of those days
We all have them sometimes
When the road is unclear
And you don’t know which way to turn
It was one of those days
When all I thought was certain
In a blink of an eye
had turned into just something else
And I wonder where I would be
If you wouldn’t have let me see above it

You are my sunshine
when I’m standing in the pouring rain
You are my lighthouse in the dark (oh oh)
You are my compass
when I’m drifting on a sea
And I know you’ll be faithful, all of my days
always faithful, and you awake
hope that rises like the sun

It was one of those days
I felt how strength was rising
I got up on my feet
And I was ready for a fight
But it didn’t take to long ’til I realized –
I need your help here

You’ve never told me it would be an easy way
And I have learned that there is truth in what you say

© 2015 Jonas Bergkvist

Stronger Together

Do you remember,
when I met you on that chilly summer day?
I was wondering what to say
We were so different,
I couldn’t imagine
what a friend you would become
(what a friend you would become)

Do you remember,
when we were talking ’til
the middle of the night?
We were dreaming about life
And though we are older,
I still want to share
the many thoughts I have with you
(share the many thoughts I have with you)

We’ve been friends for such of a long long time
And I don’t want to see it end right now
If you’re calling I’ll be there for you
You can try me ’cause you know it’s true

Do you remember,
when we were listening to
the waves beneath our feet
and the white birds at the sea
I wish we could go back
To see all the colors
and to feel the summer breeze
(to feel the summer breeze)

Do you remember,
when we were singing
’til the setting of the sun
to the audience of one?
It was such a moment
and I get so happy
when I’m thinking on that day
(when I’m thinking on it that day)

We are stronger when we’re together
I can see it clearly now
We are so much stronger together

© 2015 Jonas Bergkvist