It was one of those days
We all have them sometimes
When the road is unclear
And you don’t know which way to turn
It was one of those days
When all I thought was certain
In a blink of an eye
had turned into just something else
And I wonder where I would be
If you wouldn’t have let me see above it

You are my sunshine
when I’m standing in the pouring rain
You are my lighthouse in the dark (oh oh)
You are my compass
when I’m drifting on a sea
And I know you’ll be faithful, all of my days
always faithful, and you awake
hope that rises like the sun

It was one of those days
I felt how strength was rising
I got up on my feet
And I was ready for a fight
But it didn’t take to long ’til I realized –
I need your help here

You’ve never told me it would be an easy way
And I have learned that there is truth in what you say

© 2015 Jonas Bergkvist