Stronger Together

Do you remember,
when I met you on that chilly summer day?
I was wondering what to say
We were so different,
I couldn’t imagine
what a friend you would become
(what a friend you would become)

Do you remember,
when we were talking ’til
the middle of the night?
We were dreaming about life
And though we are older,
I still want to share
the many thoughts I have with you
(share the many thoughts I have with you)

We’ve been friends for such of a long long time
And I don’t want to see it end right now
If you’re calling I’ll be there for you
You can try me ’cause you know it’s true

Do you remember,
when we were listening to
the waves beneath our feet
and the white birds at the sea
I wish we could go back
To see all the colors
and to feel the summer breeze
(to feel the summer breeze)

Do you remember,
when we were singing
’til the setting of the sun
to the audience of one?
It was such a moment
and I get so happy
when I’m thinking on that day
(when I’m thinking on it that day)

We are stronger when we’re together
I can see it clearly now
We are so much stronger together

© 2015 Jonas Bergkvist