Store Your Gold In The Sky

A king sits in his castle in the ancient Middle East
He might be the richest man on earth
He’s counting all his blessings,
a fortune kept in gold
He’s looking on his writer and he says:
”Please, write this down for me

I’ve built houses, planted vineyards,
I have servants at my feet
I have plentiful of anything I want
I have singers, I have women,
and I’ve been working hard
But it’s all vanity, it’s all vanity to me”

A king sits on a mountain,
he’s speaking to a crowd
He catches every ear with what he says
He talks about the treasures we all tend to seek
And how it all can vanish in our hands

Words that echoes through the time
They still resonates today
It’s about our heart’s desire
This is what he said

”Where your treasure is,
there your heart will be

So store your gold in the sky”

An ordinary woman is walking down the street
Everywhere there’s hungry souls to feed
She doesn’t have a fortune,
but she’s doing what she can
Giving kids a place where they can sleep

I guess she had read about the kings,
how they lived and what they said
She had made a choice to live her life
for the king of kings, he who said

© 2017 Jonas Bergkvist