Someone Else’s Dream

I saw a dancer on the street
Oh, how I wish that I could be just like him
To say a lot with a gracious leap
To keep the balance at the top of one’s feet

Another day I saw a girl on stage
Though it was acting I was carried away
And when the curtain was coming down
All I could think of was that I could do the same

Why am I running for someone else’s dream
When I always seem to end up in between
Though I might be a victim of my time
When will I learn to see what I must do
Guess I have to give it an hour or two
But I have to stop chasing after
What I think is the perfect life
I’m vasting time, I have to dream

I hear a doctor on the air
I wish that I could know as much as he does
He talks about how any body works
in a way that anyone can understand

It’s like I’m always failing
when I try to get were I want
I have a picture in mind
but when I arrive it’s not what I expected
It’s like I’m always thinking
that if I could be like someone else
I would be happy and pleased
without a care in the world to carry

© 2017 Jonas Bergkvist