I Won’t Hide Away

I feel like I need a hero
I’m not strong
and for the moment
strength is gone
staring at me
starting to question
what I believe

(but) I won’t hide away from life
whenever a trouble travels my way
even I am scared but I am not
afraid of the dark
because I know that a beam of light
conquers the sight
through the darkest day
I will find my way

this is more than a battle
it’s like an endless war
and I’m taking more fire
than anytime before
thought I’m not alone here
that’s how it feels
but whatever happens
I will believe

I will rest in the presence
of my savior and king
it is all by his power
I will stand up and sing
in his kingdom of mercy
in the pastures of green
I will drink living water
I will taste the unseen

© 2017 Jonas och Johannes Bergkvist