Crashing Down

Why am I ending up right here
time and time again?
I know I’ve been standing here before
why now this time?
Why am I waiting for another fight
when I should go, I should leave

I’m loosing the ground beneath my feet,
my heart is beating fast
I promise, I know what I should do –
I shouldn’t be here
Why am I listening to my feelings now,
when I should go, I should flee

I’m crashing down
I wasn’t made to live this life alone
I cannot hold the pieces
I cannot hold on tight
They are slipping through my fingers
and are falling to the ground 
I gather all the pieces
and face the fact of what I see
I need a savior who will rescue me

Why is it hard to fight yourself,
even when you know what’s right?
Why do I constantly give in,
when I don’t have to?
Is somebody reaching out a hand
to rescue me, set me free

God, you know my life is broken
You can hear what is unspoken
I lay down my life to follow
Leaving for a place less hollow
’Cause all I see is fear and failure
what can I do but leave it all to you …

Please, take my hand …

© 2017 Jonas Bergkvist